Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Irish Writers' Centre Masterclass

Here's a question. I would like to go on the Irish Writers' Centre Masterclass with Roddy Doyle this weekend but do you know how much it costs? 290 Euro for one day. 10 am. to 4 pm so I guess it's pretty intensive but it's hardly going to be one-on-one is it? Who has that kind of money? What kind of writers are going to be your fellow classmates? It is a selective process, I believe but all the same. Just my opinion.

I've applied for the poetry masterclass as part of Poetry Now. I applied last year too but I never got a confirmation and didn't hear anything back. When I called, they didn't seem to know I'd applied. I blame spamcatchers. Hope I get there this time. The tutors are Jean Valentine and Peter Fallon - editor of Gallery Press, I think. (Writers have to network to survive - same as any other job I guess)

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