Thursday, 15 March 2007

Literary Agents in Ireland

Note: Agents and agents' needs change. Please refer to this most recent blog post from November 2010.

There are only a few agents in Ireland. I'm looking for one who deals with UK publishers.

I dealt with this one once when my book wasn't polished:
The Lisa Richards Agency
Founded in 1998
46 Upper Baggot St
Dublin 4
Tel: (01)6603534
Fax: (01)6603545
Contact: Faith O’Grady
Seeks - Writers of Fiction, Non-Fiction,Childrens and Screenplays.
Send synopsis, 2 -3 speciman chapters, cover letter and s.a.e. (essential)
Translation rights handled by The Marsh Agency Ltd.
No reading fee
Authors include June Considine, Tara Heavey,Colm Keena,Martin Malone,Pauline McLynn, Sarah O’Brien,David O’Doherty,Damien Owens,Homan Poetterton,Kevin Rafter,Annie Sparrow
and Hector

The most high profile one (but Jonathan is a bit grumpy when I've met him.)
Jonathan Williams Literary Agency
Rosney Mews
Upper Glenageary Road
Co Dublin
Tel: (01) 2803482
Fax: (01) 2803482
Contact: Jonathan Williams
Founded in 1981. Literary Agency, evaluating, editing, rewriting, proof reading, consultancy; experience in Canada as well as Ireland. General fiction and non-fiction, preferably by Irish authors (home 10%) Will suggest revision; no reading fee unless a fast decision is required. Return postage appreciated (No British stamps-please use IRCs).
Sub-agents in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Holland, France and Japan.

This is the one recommended to me by someone I met recently. Ger represents a few woman's fiction authors, usually Poolbeg published.
The Book Bureau
7 Duncairn Avenue
Co Wicklow
Tel: (01) 2764996
Fax: (01) 2764834
Contact: Geraldine Nichol
Full-length MSS (home 100%, USA 15%,translation 20%) Fiction preferred -thrillers, Irish novels, Literary fiction,women’s novels and general commercial. No horror,science fiction,children’s or Poetry.Strong editorial support.
No reading fee. Preliminary letter,synopsis and 3 sample chapters.
Return postage essential. Works with agents overseas.

The big name one who launched Cecilia Ahearn:
Marianne Gunne-O’Connor
Suite 17 Morrison Chambers
32 Nassau Street
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 6779100
Commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction, biography, children's fiction (UK 15%, overseas 20%, film/TV 20%). Send preliminary letter plus half-page synopsis and first 50pp. Translation rights handled by Vicki Satlow Literary Agency, Milan. Authors: Cecelia Ahern, Chris Binchy, Ken Bruen, Claudia Carroll, Julie Dam, Noelle Harrison, Claire Kilroy, Patrick McCabe, Mike McCormack, Paddy McMahon, Anita Notaro, Morag Prunty, Naill Williams. Founded 1996.

One I hadn't heard of:
Font International
45 Victoria Road
Dublin 3
Tel: (01) 8532356
Ita O’Driscoll
launched in 2003
Commission 15%,Overseas 20%.
Experienced published writers only. Adult fiction,non-fiction. (No childrens,drama,sci-fi, erotic,technical or poetry.) Unsolicited manuscripts will be returned unopened. Cover letter,word count,SAE for return.

Another new one:
Causeway Literary Agency
24 East Claremont Street,
Edinburgh EH7 4JP
PO Box 833,
Co. Kildare
Tel No: 0131 556 2006 / 3534 586 9801

The Causeway Literary Agency is a new Scottish and Irish agency with a particular interest in writing by Irish and Scottish authors in the commercial or literary genre. It is looking for new and established authors of fiction, including children's, and non-fiction. It is run by Nick Lyth in Edinburgh.


Aine (Orna Ross) said...

You've got our address wrong -- can you please correct this as that is a (very) old address - you might let us know where you got it?

Our correct address is:
Font Literary Agency
Hollyville House
Hollybrook Rd
Dublin 3

Our writers include Orna Ross, Amanda Brunker, Paul Kilduff, Evelyn Cosgrove, Garbhan Downey and Aine Greaney.

We also run a Writing Centre

Love the blog, BTW. Keep up the good work.

All at Font

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Aine,

Thanks. I've reposted the entry as it is a popular hit on the search engine. Are your other criteria the same?

Sue Haigh said...

I believe Causeway is no longer operational. They took me on in, I think, 2004 and folded in 2006.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Sue, I've updated this post and a later one. Did they get your book published?