Monday, 25 June 2007


Eventually I thought to check up on the nanotales in association with the Guardian. Most of the links are dead (strange) but here is what I found. (Not me anyway)

The Winners
Manners by manners-nanotale
Sweet Mother
Tree People
Walk a Pavement Once
Export Only
Regrets by
Your grandads horse by
The Freedom Zone by
No Milk by
The Human Species by
alone by
BlacKnack by
A Pencil With Ideas Above It's Station by
Me by
Forget-me-nots by
The Lonely Death of Gloria Alvarez by
Charade by
The half empty glass by
The Orchard by
Ed by
Everybody Wants More by
The Roller Coaster Ride by
Time by
A Year by

And a link to the Guardian as it was going on with some favourites. There seems to have been some mix up with the Guardian entered entries. No idea what the standard was like but they are said to have had more than 2,000 entries. Some multiple I guess.

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