Saturday, 30 June 2007

Arts Council Bursaries

The Arts Council of Ireland have announced the first round of the 2007 bursaries.

For Literature

Multi Annual awards to Peter Sirr (poetry) Sean O'Reilly (literature) Conor O'Callaghan (poetry) and Claire Keegan (short stories mainly)

and annual awards to
Dermot Bolgers (lots of stuff) Alice Lyons (Poems and visual art) Anthony Glavin (poetry) Leanne O'Sullivan (poetry) Mike McCormack (novels mainly)

That's it. Total 105K
another 30K for irish language. (It has to be said, it's hard to make a living writing in Irish without grants.)
They are all well known names. No snifters for emerging writers such as myself. I didn't apply, thank goodness. It would have been a complete waste of time and effort.

Music gets 86K
Performing arts gets 80K
Visual Arts gets 265K

Very uneven if you ask me, which they didn't. Wonder how themomney for New Projects and One Offs will be spread out.

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eliane said...

congratulations Mr O'Reilly!!!
d'accor very uneven unfair, why this visual arts has got so much?