Sunday, 1 July 2007

Radio 4 Afternoon Read

This coming week the afternoon read is short stories from up and coming Irish writers. 3:30-3:45 and on listen again.

Monday, Gift by David Frazer Wray
Evangelos Patelis spends a solitary existence on an isolated Greek peninsula until he receives a parcel which has an unexpected influence on his life.

Tuesday, Roses by Sophia Hillan
An aging film actor knows he has forgotten something important, but finds remembering is more painful than he could ever imagine.

Wednesday, Hair by Karen Gillece
The realisation that you are losing your hair is traumatic enough but when one woman discovers that that isn’t all she might be losing the distress is almost unbearable.

Thursday, Phoenix Rising by Maggie Cronin
After battling with illness Ralph’s return home is a cause for celebration but his party is crashed by the most unwelcome of uninvited guests.

Friday, Surrender by Claire Keegan
An Irish police sergeant gets a letter that forces him to take decisive action.

The only one I've heard of is the ubiquitous Claire Keegan. How did the others get commissioned?

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