Saturday, 7 July 2007

Creative Writing in the National Gallery

I am teaching a creative writing class in the National Gallery in Dublin this Wednesday 11th July at 2pm. This is part of the Art for all ages scheme. Anyone can show up. No booking required. No experience required either. The idea is to use some of the fantastic Dutch interior painting there to spark a piece of creative writing, poetry or prose. I hope this is the start of a long relationship. I love the National Gallery and IMMA and the Hugh Lane Dublin City Gallery. I do get inspiration from art.

I got the idea from the Tate Britain who run all sorts of interesting classes. Paul Muldoon has written a book of poetry inspired by the paintings at the National Gallery in London. Lots of writers have been commissioned to write poetry and short stories inspired by paintings and sculptures, particularly by the BBC. Perhaps I could talk to RTE. Apparently writing connected with Visual Art is called Ekphrasis.

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