Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Well, another (nice) rejection from Simon and Schuster. Two more before the next round. Fingers crossed we won't need it. I have been reading up on rejections. I'll post later.

Got a rejection from BBC Northern Ireland for the Tony Doyle Award for New television writers. I suppose it was a stretch but I am very fond of my story. It will have to find a different home and perhaps form.

Read this and weep or laugh, the truth about the slush pile.
Particularly some of the comments below. Publishers run a business. 90-95% of what they receive is completely unpublishable - which is good for people who produce publishable work - and it takes time and effort even to post out a form letter. I know I appreciate any feedback at all, however hard hitting but the urge to respond is tough to control. So feedback is rare and unusual. The number of acceptances from the slushpile is sobering. Having an agent speeds the process up but doesn't that just move the slushpile from the publishers' offices to the agents'?

The National Gallery class went great. Enthusiastic feedback. Hope they have me back.

Got a text from movieextras about availability but nothing happened beyond that.

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