Saturday, 3 May 2008

Listowel Writers Week

Wish I could go to Listowel this year. What a great place. What a great event. And always amusing to watch writers letting their hair down.

All workshops are now booked out and you'll be hard pressed to get central accommodation.

The writers there include seamus heaney, mary lawson, anne enright, john banville, eric p kaufmann, julian gough, pat boran, john boyne, john f deane, diarmaid ferriter, martin lynch, per petterson, hugo hamilton, brett paesel, zoe margolis


PJ Nolan said...

Never been- sounds like good craic tho. So many festivals - so little time :-(

2 I'd like to get to yet:

(maybe, just maybe)

(not this year again, I'm afraid)

Last year the podcasts from Hay were a great boon while laid up with a bad sprain - truely a festival of the mind ;-)

Emerging Writer said...

Ooo yes, I'd love to go to Hay. Have you ever been to the town? Every other shop is a second hand bookshop, it's great. We stayed in a B&B run by the town cryer. He showed us his costume. Brilliant stuff.

PJ Nolan said...

The Town Cryer's B&B - there must be a poem in that! :-) Nope, never been to Hay - yet. Commetn on bookshops reminded me of this: - whether its running this year or not I dunno. cheers.