Monday, 16 February 2009

Who do you write for?

Here's a thought provoking post. Who is your reader? Should you write with a particular reader in mind? Or should you just write for yourself. There is a danger there of writing to amuse yourself and thereby =restricting yourself to an audience of one. (and perhaps your mother)

You do have to be very carefully not to write down to your reader, explain too much, describe everything and leave no room for the reader's imaginiation to fill in the gaps themselves. And you do have to give enough clues to get them to keep up.

At tricky line to walk.


TOM J VOWLER said...

Hi EW.
Thanks for stopping by. Like your blog.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I write what comes out. And as people seem to want to publish that up to a point, that's OK for now.

I think the problem comes when newer writers are told to focus on making money... and to aim at a specific market. If they do that then they'll never know what amazing AMAZING stuff might have been born.

But they may well make a bit of cash, which is fine.

Chicklit Addict said...

So true! Perhaps who you write to, depends on where you are in your writing career. I'm a fledgling writer, so I'm mainly writing to amuse and entertain myself - enjoyment is key at this stage, how else will I push through the sting of inevitable rejection letters if I haven't got motivation on my side?