Thursday, 19 March 2009

Shortlist for Strokestown

I was convinced this was my year for Strokestown. I even drove through the place on the way to buy a car. It was not to be

The poets shortlisted for the English language prize are, in alphabetical order:
Juliet Akroyd, Somerset;
Louise C. Callaghan, Dublin;
John Wedgwood Clarke, North Yorkshire;
CB Follett, California;
Angela France, Gloucestershire;
Stephanie Green, Edinburgh;
Hazel Mutch, Lancashire;
Padraig Rooney, Switzerland;
Pat Winslow, Oxfordshire;
Mary Woodward, Hertfordshire.

John F. Deane, Penelope Shuttle and Joe Woods were judging the English language section.

Are all these international poets going to travel to Roscommon for the weekend? 1-3 May 2009. Seriously, if you're short, give me a call Strokestown organisers.

The poets shortlisted for the Colmcille Irish/Gaelic poetry prize are, in alphabetical order:
Aonghas Pádraig Caimbeul;
Celia de Fréine;
Pádraig Mac Fhearghusa;
Seán Ó Curraoin;
Peadar Ó hUallaigh;
Pádraig Breandán Ó Laighin.

How come we don't find out where the Gaelic poets live?


Pure fiction said...

I was also absolutely convinced I was going to get somewhere. Having looked at the short list (again and again, in the hope that maybe I hadn't spotted my name the first time around) I thought it was disheartening to see only two Irish poets on the short list. What does that say about Irish poets? Or the state of Irish poetry?
Ps: I'm a regular visitor to your blog and I've just started a fictional blog at if you're interested in taking a look

Niamh Griffin said...

maybe because all the Gaelic poets live in Conate Mhaigh Eo or somewhere so it's not as impressive ?
you'll be there next year :)


I guess if it's an international comp, them's the breaks. THere might have been no Irish poets on it!

Emerging Writer said...

It's certainly an international competition and I don't have a problem with that. I was wondering though as it is a stipulation that all shortlisted poets go to the festival, if they'll all make it!

Niamh B said...

Can't believe the ATM machine isn't featured on that map... I've never stood at it, but I've seen people who have...


EW - I know what you mean. They'd potentially be spending their winnings just to be there. But it might be worth it for the nice atmosphere and meeting new poets etc.

Peter Goulding said...

The winner last year travelled from America, as I recall.
With a poem that rhymed, I might add!

Emerging Writer said...

nuttin wrong wid rhyme
nuttin wrong wid merica...