Monday, 9 March 2009

demonic fury

Read this in the Trib but Eimear at 12 stories beat me to it.

The Sunday Tribune and the people at One City, One Book, are teaming up for a short story competition based on Bram Stoker's Dracula:

Entrants are invited to submit a story incorporating the following line from the book:

His eyes blazed with a sort of demonic fury, and he suddenly made a grab at my throat.

No more than 800 words in length.
Email to
deadline: Friday 27 March.

The winning entry will be published in the Sunday Tribune during April and its writer will win €100 book token.

And it's free.

Remember, think of maybe 10 different ideas and write them down. Don't chose the first one of two as loads of people will think of the obvious. Choose a twist.


BarbaraS said...

Ooh - Aah. I'm going to have a go at that, and I think I'll encourage my workshoppers to have a go too. Great tip about the 10 different ideas too. That cheered me up no end.

Susan said...

What a line to pick... sounds like my first marriage.

Don't know if I'll be entering that one! LOL

Ger said...

Doesn't writing a story using somebody else's words not contradict a basic ethic of writing, that which is written is one's own?

Emerging Writer said...

Susan - hah! sounds like a story in itself!

Ger - there's a saying something like The good writers borrow, the best writers steal

Eimear said...

Your ten ideas thing is good advice. It's gonna be a fine line, isn't it, between writing something obvious and something too obtuse and clever.