Wednesday, 16 June 2010

6 and 8? Those are shoe sizes!



Rachel Fox said...

Can't see image on this post for some reason.

Emerging Writer said...

It's a youtube video. Does the link work for anyone? Everyone? It's brilliant! look for Thick Chicks Tamara Blue (Def Poetry)

Rachel Fox said...

Apparently it was to do with an update of Flash on Explorer (making it impossible to see embedded youtube clips). Switched browser and can see it now.

Jessica Maybury said...

deadly! Just finished watching a movie about ballet dancers; this makes me feel so much better!

Words A Day said...

First thanks for posting the link. This was interesting to watch, educational too - as I still read my writing like a frozen statue rushing to the end to put everyone out of their misery so they can listen to the real stuff.
Maybe I'm cynical but how hard is it to strut your size 12 (?) when you have a tiny waist and are quite beautiful, and why do women always have to divide against each other on issues of size, can't we celebrate our whatever sized booties without slating women of different (smaller) sizes? Not that I live with the afflication of being a size 6, 8 or 10 or anything... wouldnt mind that 29 inch waist!

Titus said...

Depending on the jeans. Loved it.

Emerging Writer said...

Size 12 in the US is Size 14 here, right? Anyway, it's just numbers. As we all know, it depends on the jeans. I can hear a poem.

So much depends upon

Or was that a red wheelbarrow?

I admire her spirit and her delivery greatly.