Friday, 18 June 2010

Poetry Divas at Body and Soul Gathering

This solstice weekend, come to the Body and Soul Gathering in Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co Meath.

The lovely people who organise the magical enclave that is Body and Soul at Electric Picnic are celebrating the solstice in their own, inimitable style. See the website here

And the Poetry Divas will be there too in their own inimitable style, on the Sunday in the celebrating all things summer. In the Birdcage, the Rose Garden and the Berry Bar.

They say:

The Body & Soul Solstice Weekend is inspired by nature, art, music, performance, sustainability, healing arts, community and creative expression in its many guises. Our intention is to co-create a vibrant sense of community; to awaken a sense of connection between people and the environment, the artist and the viewer, the world of dreams and the natural world we inhabit.

There's music of all kinds, arts, performance, soul kids for under 12s, food and drink, glow lanterns, fire eaters, and bonfires. Fantastic! Come by and say hi.
All in all a brilliant weekend promised.


Words A Day said...

That sounds fantatic! Can't get to it, (or afford the Electric Picnic, yet...) I see on your blog that the Divas will be in Carlow in August, so I'm looking forward to that night. Enjoy!

Titus said...

I'd love to, but it's a long, wet drive.
All the best, and have a brilliant time.
P.S. Why are there jellyfish in the trees?

Emerging Writer said...

It'll be great. I love the atmosphere in Body and Soul. They're so good at what they do.
And the jellyfish? They're just hanging out...Maybe Various Cushions could write a poem about not taking your jellyfish into Homebase.

Niamh B said...

Go on the divas!! Do us proud, and yes - will have to have a think about Jellyfish in homebase sometime soon!