Friday, 11 June 2010

Puffin Links for Sharing

Happy Birthday Puffin! 70 years of Puffin. I was in the Puffin Club with their lovely magazine, the Puffin Post. I had a poem in there once too. Puffin started with Worzel Gummidge, the scarecrow.

Vote for your favourite Puffin from each decade - a tough choice. I love them all. By 16th June.

You can dress your own Puffin here - silly but fun.

A Nuffin Like a Puffin video here.


The world's most beautiful libraries. Stunning. If I was (When I am) a 52-year-old Internet entrepreneur, I would have a library like Jay Walker's. Absolutely glorious.


Michael Farry said...

Ah yes, I used to organise the Puffin Club in school. I notice Eoin Colfer is way ahead in the vote for favourite Puffin.

Titus said...

Had to vote 70's, predictably.

If I were ever to be able to build a house, I'd make the architect start with the library. Loved the link, but could have done without Seattle. And where was the masterpiece that is the Laurentian?

Emerging Writer said...

You had a Puffin Club in school? Cool.
Yes, start with the library, when we're all 52 year old internet entrepreneur or super-rich poets, whichever comes first.
I hadn't heard of the Laurentian, in Florence? You can add your own suggestions

Titus said...

Sorry, EW, yes, in Florence. I think I might, it's an oversight that must be rectified!