Saturday, 16 July 2011

Screenwriting for Beginners

Free Screenwriting for Beginners 8 week course.

When: Sunday mornings 10.15 till 1pm. The course will run for eight weeks. Beginning Sunday July 24th.
Where: Farmleigh House

The sessions will cover the following areas:

  • Character creation: how to create plausible characters
  • Visual writing: learn to write scenes that convey a visual message
  • The Three Act Structure: What is it? How to use it. And the alternatives
  • Plot: Where would we be without one?
  • Narrative Technique: Voiceovers, flashbacks and flash-forwards, broken narrative, multiple narration and other techniques
  • Screenplay Format: How to set out a coherent and readable screenplay
  • Comedy Writing: The hardest thing of all
  • Dialogue: When less is more
  • Genre: Crime thriller, Horror flick, RomCom, Arthouse, Family film, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action Adventure....
  • Treatments: The one page or two pager that could sell your film to a producer.

By the end of the eight weeks, the budding screenwriter should have created plausible characters, written several major scenes from their screenplay and developed a treatment for their film (or TV drama) project.

To apply for this FREE course, please send one sample scene or a short prose outline of your movie idea to:

Successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible.
Deadline: Tuesday July 19th.

Class numbers will be strictly limited.

Screenwriting tutor: Ferdia Mac Anna


Brigid said...

That looks interesting, Kate. I did a scriptwriting one in Blanchardstown last year, thanks for the info.

Emerging Writer said...

Glad to help Brigid. Perhaps you'd write a guest post on the course you did already. I'm sure it would be interesting

Brigid said...

Link for Talli's blog:

I am enrolled for the screenwriting course, thanks for that, if my film gets made, I'll buy you a giant popcorn at the premiere.

Emerging Writer said...

I'll hold you to that!