Friday, 11 November 2011

Talks at the Instituto Cervantes

The taste of words: literature, gastronomy and much more
A series of talks
Alcohol and Literature
Some say, literature is located at the bottom of a bottle. It would not be far-fetched to present a view of contemporary literature through alcohol addiction. Up to the Romantic Era, we are mostly guided by literary references. However, from that period onwards, we can count on various types of data, namely biographical, historic and sociological, that allow us to offer a clear overview of a topic full of anecdotes. Although alcohol-related literature is scarce, there have been hundreds of alcohol addicted writers throughout the ages. From Herodotus to Bukovsky and including Poe, Rubén Darío, Alfred Jarry, Neruda, Hemingway, Lowry, Onetti, Dylan Thomas, Chandler or Cendrars. 

Javier Barreiro, a writer and literature professor, has published 36 books and over 600 articles.

29/11/2011 (18:00 h)

Cooking by the book round table discussion
The book “Cociñando ao pé da letra” aims to go beyond the borders of traditional art by showing the similarities between disciplines, such as, literature, cooking and photography.
Dates 08/12/2011 (18:00 h)


Instituto Cervantes - Café Literario
Lincoln House, Lincoln Place
2 Dublin
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