Monday, 27 August 2012

Southword Submissions

Southword, the online Cork journal are taking poetry submissions until 15th September

Editor: Leanne O'Sullivan. I met her once, she's lovely. And very young.

They submit via Submittable.

There are strict formating guidelines and a limit of 6 poems
Up-to-date biographical note with a cover letter etc etc

Authors are paid €30 per poem published. 


quirkeyL said...

Leanne O’Sullivan was born in 1983 and
from the Beara Peninsula in Co. Cork. She
has published two collections of poetry with
Bloodaxe Books, Waiting for My Clothes
(2004) and Cailleach; The Hag of Beara
(2009). She received the Ireland Chair of
Poetry Bursary in 2009, and in 2010 was
awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish
Literature. Her third collection, ‘The Mining
Road’ is due next year.


Emerging Writer said...

I thought you were adding a comment on my competition post. Would Leanne be a good choice to read at Poetry Now?

quirkeyL said...

Definitely, I've seen her read a few times, Electric Picnic 2010 and at Over The Edge in Galway. A great connection with the audience and the material is second to none.

Emerging Writer said...

I saw her at Cork Spring Literary Festival.
Well if you want to win tickets, comment on the competition post.

quirkeyL said...

Thanks! I would but I'm away that weekend. Line up looks really good though