Monday, 6 August 2012

Mslexia New Writing

Note this is for women writers only. Sorry guys.

The theme for issue 56 is The Affair. Deadline: 17 September
Issue 57 is Memoir. Deadline 10 December

Up to 4 short poems (max 40 lines) or 2 short stories (up to 2,200 words)

Mslexia Children's Novel Competition

is for fiction novels of at least 30,000 wds by unpublished women novelists for children of an age to read for themselves. Judging panel: Julia Churchill, Julia Eccleshare, Malorie Blackman. Prize: £5,000. An extract from the winning novel will be published in the Mar/Apr/May 2012 issue of Mslexia.
Closing date: 10 September 2012 


For writers of script: send up to 200 words on any topic in a single character’s voice. This quarter we're looking for monologues in the voice of a person with anorexia.

Four Lines that Rhyme

ABAB, AAAA or AABB, ABCA, any combination, serious or flippant, we don’t mind; but no more than 40 words, please.

A Week of Tweets

Monday through Sunday, tell us about your writing – and your life – in seven flavour-packed slices of up to 140 characters apiece.

Pen Portrait

Convey a character in second or third person – and in no more than 200 words. This quarter we're looking for a pen portrait of a drunk.


Grumpy Old Women, this is your chance to vent a bit of spleen, in 80 words or less, about something that really irritates or enrages you.


Calling all Polyannas, raise our spirits by telling us about something or someone you applaud, enjoy or admire in up to 80 words.

Writing group

In 200 words, please explain how you run your meetings, and describe a recent exercise for other groups to follow.

Reading group

If you belong to a reading group and would like to review a book for us, get in touch - and get the books for free!

We pay for published submissions. The basic rates for New Writing are £25 per poem, and £15 per thousand words of prose. For Rant we pay £20; Rave £20; Pen Portrait £20; Writing Group 'What We Do' Exercise £20; Four Lines that Rhyme £20; Monologue £20; Week of Tweets £20; and £100 for a three-month guest blog. Feature articles, reviews and illustrations are commissioned.
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