Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Penny Dreadful open for Submissions

Submissions for Issue 6 are now open and will remain so till midnight on May 10th.
We will accept the following:
  • Stories = Up to 2 of up to 3000 words each.
  • Poetry = Up to 6, any length. (Note: Please include all submitted poems in the same file, or they may not be considered for publication)

Bio = Please include a short bio (100 words max) and any internet website linking things which are suitable for good, Christian eye-balls.
What we do want: Ball-grabbing, punch-in-the-face writing from nice, courteous ladies and gents.
What we do not want: Funny fonts.
If you are sending simultaneous submissions, tell us in your cover letter and if a work becomes unavailable, contact us immediately. Submissions are accepted via Submittable.
(If you are curious what manner of scribbling they enjoy, or want to support the publisher, buy one here.)

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