Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Runt - Open for Submissions

i haven't seen a copy of the Runt but check them out on Youtube. Refreshing. And you can't go wrong with this kind of of artwork I think.

Our 8th issue will focus on the dual themes of historical fiction & alternate history. We welcome submissions on either theme in any artistic or literary medium your creative brains can concoct.
Historical fiction constitutes any piece of work (be it poem, story, essay or whatever) focused on a historical setting. A heartbreaking romance written from the point of view of the horse Caligula made a senator? A rumination on the personal life of Genghis Kahn? An account of the life of some poor Joe Schmo 6 caught up in the crossfire of the 1916 Rising? It's entirely up to you!
Alternate history is a genre which is based on those tantalising 'what ifs.' A story set in a 21st century America still under British control? A poem about JFK's disgrace after he survived assassination but was exposed as an adulterer? A neat bit of photoshop showing Attila the Hun firing off a text on his Android? These are but a few options available to you!
Fiction Guidelines:
Maximum wordcount: 2,500
Art Guidelines:
Portrait dimensions
Deadline: May 8th
Send your submissions to

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