Saturday, 6 June 2015

Emma Press Submissions

The South West England based small press, Emma Press have an innovative back catalogue. They have open submissions for anthologies but they made a policy decision to attempt to cut back on the number of shotgun-approach submissions. Everyone has to be a member of the Emma Press Club before they can submit. So you need to buy a book or set of postcards from them in the current calendar year. They have ebooks too. If you are published by Emma Press, you are a member for life. (I do wonder if that means their anthologies could get a bit same-y/clique-y)

The current open submission is on the theme of  The Sea.

Deadline: 21st June 2015

They eloquently describe what they are looking for here.
Poems can range from the zoological to the biblical, Arctic expeditions to beach encounters. ... Send us work that probes the sea’s affinity with grief, with danger, and with adventure. Sink to the ocean’s depths or hover at its surface; tell us about sea-changes and shoals, the nautical unknown and natural disaster – and all the other stories that wash up at the shore.
Up to 3 poems, up to 90 lines each. They may be previously published if you hold copyright.

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