Thursday, 25 February 2016

Carlow Writers Creative Writing Workshops

Poetry 5th March
Fiction 9th April

What evocative object would inspire you to write a poem? What thing lies about the house that has special meaning for you, that could be a key to unlock a story you want to tell? 

'We find it familiar to consider objects as useful or aesthetic, as necessities or vain indulgences. We are on less familiar ground when we consider objects as companions to our emotional lives or as provocations to thought. The notion of evocative objects brings together these two less familiar ideas, underscoring the inseparability of thought and feeling in our relationship to things. We think with the objects we love; we love the objects we think with.'

Sherry Turkle, Evocative Objects: Things We Think With

Derek Coyle will lead a creative writing session that will explore the evocative object and we will produce work based on some treasured 'thing' that sits silently in the midst of our lives.

Join Derek Coyle and Simon Lewis for the first half of the day in Carlow's Teach Dolmain for a Creative Writing session with a concrete edge. 

Rozz Lewis and Edel Horan cover Fiction in April.

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