Saturday, 23 April 2016

Some More Upcoming Readings

Rescued by Maria Murphy published by Poolbeg launches:
Wednesday 4th May at 7pm in Barker and Jones Bookshop, Poplar Square, Naas.
Friday 6th May at 7pm in Waterstones, Patrick Street, Cork.

All welcome.

In 1889, on the beautiful Mizen peninsula lives a young woman called Ellen. Although the daughter of a simple fisherman, she is no ordinary woman. Ellen is a healer, with a heart and spirit as wild and free as the Atlantic Ocean she lives beside. She devotes her life to helping others, often in secret. But when a stranger, in the fine clothes of the landed gentry, is washed up on the sand in front of her remote cottage, she is fearful of helping him because of the trouble he could bring to her and those she loves.
Trying to stay faithful to a warning her grandmother passed on to her, Ellen has to do all she can to protect herself and her home from this stranger.  But perhaps it’s the stranger and his heart that needs protection from her?

There are lots of interesting events as part of Poetry Day Ireland 28th April 8pm
Sports-themed poetry from Poetry Ireland’s recent "Everything to Play For: 99 Poems About Sport" anthology. Guest readers including poets John McAuliffe and Rita Ann Higgins, broadcaster and poet Vincent Woods, Senior Counsel and poetry and sports enthusiast Cian Ferriter and sports historian and journalist Paul Rouse in the shadow of the hallowed ground itself, Croke Park.

Salmon Poetry is launching the following collections in the Irish Writers' Centre, Dublin, on Wednesday 27th April at 6.30pm:

"Anchored" by Lorna Shaughnessy
"Quiet in a Quiet House" by Richard W. Halperin
"Evidence of Freewheeling" by Trevor Conway
"Bearings" by Patrick Moran
"Ghost of the Fisher Cat" by Afric McGlinchey
"Virtual Tides" by Paul Casey
"The Rain Barrel" by Nicholas McLachlan
This promises to be a lovely evening of poetry with readings by each poet. Admission is free and all are welcome.
Visit us online for further details:

Sunflower Sessions is on the same evening so you could spring from one to the other. Wednesday 27th April in Jack Nealon's Pub on Capel St Dublin, upstairs 7.30pm.

Poems on a Sunday Afternoon
by Castle Ward Arts and Crafts & Down Arts Centre
Sunday 24 April 2016 2.30 – 4.30pm 

All welcome to this chill afternoon. They invite budding readers, writers and signers to join in celebrating the written word in all its forms.  Offering a friendly space to read, they hope that those gathered will join in by sharing a piece of their own work, or perhaps a favourite poem.

In the featured spot is Stephanie Conn - whose first collection 'The Woman on the Other Side' (Doire Press) launched recently.

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