Sunday, 19 June 2016

Daily Poetry Breakfast

Every morning, Poetry Breakfast delivers a new poem. They say 
Start your morning with a nourishing poem. Follow them on Twitter Facebook Tumblr , and Google+ and enjoy a new poem every morning straight to your feed.
Open for submissions year round. Previously unpublished but interestingly they allow submissions of poems which are published in collections but not published elsewhere, as a good way to promote your book.

Submit 3-10 poems at a time.
Poems should be between 10 and 80 lines. Shorter poems are preferred.

Honesty is what we are looking for. Feed us. Nourish us. Help us taste life and beauty and truth again.

Nothing bitter. No artificial sweeteners. Nothing that belongs on the kiddie menu, though keep in mind that there may be children with us at the breakfast table. Rhyme is almost never accepted. Poems with a / or other unusual symbols are unlikely to be accepted. Poems must have a title. If you haven’t named it, it’s not finished yet.

Link with submission details here

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