Saturday, 11 June 2016

Paid Poetry Residency

With all the shenanigans and bad news with poetry funding in the UK, it's good to see some good news and new opportunities.

The Poetry School and Poetry in Aldeburgh have a joint offer to make: an opportunity for a festival-focused poet in residence.
While the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival organised by The Poetry Trust has a breather and an organisational regroup during 2016, Poetry in Aldeburgh is making sure that there are events to take place during the usual festival weekend of 4-6 November.

These Are Our Residency Goals …
  • To illuminate and explore the programme and experience of the Poetry in Aldeburgh festival for the benefit of Festival goers and those who follow its events digitally
  • To reflect on the experience of being a poet in residence in order that other members of the Poetry School community might be inspired to seek similar opportunities in the future
  • To provide a poet with time and space to create new poems
Who We Are Looking For
  • A poet writing at an advanced level (which the Poetry School defines as a person ‘confident about what you want to say and how you want to say it … on your way to a pamphlet or a first collection’). You do not need to have already published a pamphlet or collection.
  • A poet capable of writing pithy, engaging prose reviews and articles with short lead times.
  • Experience of engaging readerships and audiences online.
  • A confident user of online technology and familiar with (or unfazed by) the back end of WordPress sites.
Deadline: Thursday 30 June 2016
  • The fee for the residency is £1,000 inclusive of VAT if applicable, travel expenses and food.
  • Twin room accommodation is available in the Poetry School’s shared house during the Festival. 

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