Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dave Lordan

Dave has guest blogged here before. His new book is coming out soon. Check it out.

The book will be launched at 8pm on Friday 16th of July in Toner's Pub on Baggot street Dublin.

Invitation to a Sacrifice is an eclectic and hard-hitting collection by one of Ireland's most acclaimed  and talented young writers.  Lordan's previous multi award winning collection, The Boy in the Ring, explored the troubling but necessary topic of suicide. In Invitation to a Sacrifice he  moves on to murder, fearlessly interrogating the current rhetoric of sacrifice and documenting the barbaric results of our deadly subugation to the market order. Centuries ago thousands were sacrificed for the thunder god, these days millions go under for the sake of appeasing the stockbroking gods.  In poem after poem Lordan shows what happens to people, places, and things  when they are taken over by greed and given up for profits and property.  Lordan is famous for the shocking humour and challenging intelligence of his live shows and this impact is carried over fully into his page work.  INVITATION TO A SACRIFICE contains poems that range in place from West Cork to Sicily, in  tone from heartbreak to rage, and in style from  plaintive song to howling epic. All are written in language that is as invigorating as it is clear. Once again Lordan displays an exceptional combination of spiritual depth, political bite, and artistic range. As critic Philip Coleman has said of him 'Ignore and stay ignorant'.

Sample Poems Online Text Here

Video here

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