Sunday, 25 July 2010

Want the Poetry Divas 2, second ever Poetry Pamphlet?

Do you want your own copy of the Poetry Divas second ever poetry pamphlet, entitled Poetry Divas 2, printed (not published, we reserve the right to publish these poems elsewhere) by Diva Press? Scared we'll sell out before you get to see us?
Want to own this priceless collectors' item now?

Click here. You can choose one of the other pamphlets here too.
5 Euro plus 1 Euro P&P worldwide.

All Pamphlets

and one will soon be winging its way to you for your reading enjoyment.

This one features Poetry Divas, Top Hat Diva, Haiku Diva and me Diva. Especially printed for the fabulous Body and Soul Midsummer Experience. Relive Midsummer with a little bit of Poetry in the comfort and relative safety of your own home. Tiara optional.

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Emerging Writer said...

apparently this says Friend is a mirror. Don't click on the link though; it's bound to be spam or worse