Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Planet Cabaret on RTÉ Radio 1 Arena

I had a huge amount of fun writing this piece for New Planet Cabaret on RTÉ Radio 1 Arena and being shortlisted this month was a bonus. 

The prompt was "Becoming Something New." I ended up writing loads and cut back by about 30%. Recommended to tightend up any writing, losing the flab. Aren't we all into that?

My piece is first up, read wonderfully by Sorcha Kenny.
Then there's some generous analysis by Dave Lordan.
Stay listening to the end for extracts from Patrick O'Flaherty, Emma Dunne, Rob Doyle and Geraldine

and some thoughts on crime writing from Arlene Hunt.

Then at the end, next month's prompt. Exercise your creative muscles and give it a go. 700 words. You don't have to send it in if you don't want to. Or use a pseudonym.
Remember  you're writing for radio. Read it out loud.
Details here 

Yesterday, I finished the last poem for my new collection; I’d been tinkering with it for close on four days. It’s an absolute cracker. The Japanese film crew who have been filming me for the last six months, was delighted. It was rounds of sake and later a firework display worthy of a royal birth.
I sent it on first to Stephen Hawking and he gave it the thumbs up. Obama said it gave him the shivers and Kathyrn Bigelow is begging me for the film rights. I’ll debut it tomorrow at my Legion of Honour ceremony at the Elysee Palace. The president was very insistent that I don’t cancel my appearance again. And I said, “Francois, you’re pushing through that gay marriage legislation. It’s the least I can do.”

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