Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Write 4 Austism Competition

I know many writers who have first hand experience of the challenges of working with people on the autistic spectrum. You may want to consider entering this competition.

Run by the Autism Initiatives Group, this Short Story competition is an opportunity for writers to contribute to a great cause.

All entrants will have their work judged by the internationally acclaimed authors Colin Bateman, Declan Burke and Lucille Redmond.

The total prize fund for the 2013 competition will be one third of the entry pool up to a maximum of €4,500. The Prizes will be allocated as follows:
First Prize: 50%of the Prize Fund (€2,250 max)
Second Prize: 25% of the Prize Fund (€1,125 max)
Third Prize: 10% of the Prize Fund (€450 max)
Commendation prizes will be awarded from the remaining portion (15%) of the Prize Fund (18 prizes max of €35 each)

Each entry will be 7.50 Euro.

Deadline: December 31st  2013.

Please read all the terms and conditions before entering!

Maximum length for a story (excluding the title) is 1,500 Words.

The Prize Winners and commended stories may be published as an Ebook with proceeds going to ASDI.

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