Sunday, 23 November 2014

Angry Manifesto - Political Poems sought

Subtle or in your face? The Angry Manifesto is looking for political poems.

The Angry Manifesto is a brand new poetry magazine, aimed at protest and the current political world we live in today.
They want to hear your words of dissent: why we should vote? why we should'nt vote? why you feel alienated from the current political parties today? They want your bile, your angry, your  words of protest, they want poems that will change and mould peoples views at the next general election in May 2015.

Send no more than five poems with no more than thirty lines each, they don't want poems about London, Religion, Love, and Sparrows.
All poems most be on a political theme, as this is a political / protest magazine.
Please send your poems with a short bio, because the poems should do the talking.  
Deadline: 1st Jan 2015.
Each issue will have a guest editor, so get writing.  


Donna OShaughnessy said...

My first thought after reading this post was of Ted Hughes and his book "Crow." The man was so ahead of his time in the world of political dissent (and anger towards God.)Currently all my angry poems are centered on the US government but still I enjoyed looking at the publications website. Had to wonder though what the sparrow ever did to him!

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Donna
Political dissent can cross borders. Give it a go