Saturday, 29 November 2014

The North Magazine

The North is a first rate poetry magazine based in Sheffield. Get yourself a couple of copies or subscribe first.

  • Please send work by post and not email. 
  • Include either a stamped addressed envelope, or IRCs and an addressed envelope. Tell us if you don't need the copies back.
Well, these don't exist in Ireland so I'd suggest telling them that and giving them your email. Failing that, I think it is possible to buy UK stamps online. 
  • Send up to 6 poems.
  • Please put your name and address on every sheet. Our office is full of pieces of paper, and things can slip astray of their moorings.
  • We have no restrictions on subject matter or style, but remember we're a magazine of contemporary poetry. We have high editorial standards. We look for energy, imagination and technique.
  • We try to reply within 6 weeks of receipt.
  • Taking out a subscription won't affect your chances of publication. But it will win you our love and respect, and help to keep us afloat.
  • We also need good critical articles and reviews to do with contemporary poetry. In first instance, just send us ideas, synopsis, etc.
Link here

Note: If I mention a magazine, paper or online, I do endorse that magazine's standards and ethos. The opposite does not hold though, just because I haven't mentioned a magazine, doesn't mean that I don't endorse it. I may not even had read a copy. Magazine publishers, feel free to get in touch about possible future posts.

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