Sunday, 8 April 2007

Paying Poetry magazines

One of the ezines I subscribe to had information about two poetry magazines that sounded interesting. I checked them out. based in the rockies in North America but it doesn't pay. It's online only and they even ask you for a donation. What's the point? If you have to pay someone to publish your poetry, what does that say about the quality of your work or of the other work in the magazine? Do they ask the web hosting service to provide their services for free? a UK mag, doesn't pay either. It is a print based magazine, I think. But they don't even give the authors a copy of the magazine. You have to buy your own copy. What's the difference between this and

I subscribe to lots of ezines about writing. Most of those around are US based. Some are just published to advertise writing courses or books but some include interesting articles and information about competitions or conferenceds.

Here are some ezines I subscribe to that I think are worth reading: Small Markets Funds for Writers (both from Cynthia Hope Clarke) Poetry Market - buyer beware. Check the contests and submissions. There is some interesting stuff in there. Wordpool - writing for children's

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Hope said...

Thanks for listing and referring the FundsforWriters newsletters. Much appreciated,

Hope Clark