Saturday, 21 April 2007

Theatre of the Absurd

Fantastic night with Red Kettle. My actors and director were superb. Eavesdropping on the audience after seemed to offer positive feedback. My cowboy was popular. every woman in the audience wanted to go home with him and every man wanted to be him (even the gay ones.)

Some of the other plays were great, some a bit disjointed. The physical comedy in the suicide one was great. Good timing. There were 3 plays with coffins, a dying person, a dead returned father and Bernard Farrell's set in an undertakers. I loved the Beckett homage but I'm not sure it would take another reading as far as story and understanding goes.

I'm not that good at Beckett. I saw Waiting for Godot finally at The Gate last year which was fantastic, and Krapps Last Tape and a few with the Beckett collection on TV, Play, the one with the lips (Not I?) and the one with the woman buried in sand - very funny. See the Youtube link. Is this Theatre of the Absurd? My play had elements and I need to explore them if I am to turn it into a full length play. Must study Ionescu and Albee apparently.

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