Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Red Kettle

Red Kettle - isn't that a great name for a Theatre Company.
I don't know a whole lot about theatre really. I probably go to 3 productions in a year - 3 more than virtually anyone else I know. Red Kettle are taking a play of mine, a 15 minute play. My first production. It's very exciting and a learning experience. I went down to Waterford (lovely place, never been there before) to meet them all and Bernard Farrell too. (v famous) Met my director and one of my actors. We're doing the first read through soon. Bernard said a writer always learns from the first read through and he should know.
The contract says 10% of box office if my play's the only production for anything afer this event, after the usual costs. I don't see much likelihood of a repeat performance though as one 15 minute play is 3 actors and the rest. Touring costs more the more people you have. Maybe I should write a monologue.
I was looking for a play to go to in a couple of weeks in one of the new theatres that's started up around Dublin, the M50 loop - Helix, Draiocht, Civic, DunDrum, Mermaid and as far as I can see, they are all empty for that week. What's the point in the government funding the setting up of theatres if they can't afford to put anything on in them?

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