Saturday, 5 April 2008

Another Blog about Blogs

Keeper of the Snails is Clare Dudman writing about the process of writing (and reading).

Arts Management blogs about, well, the clue's in the name.

John Self on Asylum has good book reviews.

Carrie Etter another poet in the Oxfam Poems for a Better Future leaflet.

Clive James has a website with some good poetry and commentary.

Cousin Ryumi blogs about writing about Japan in Ireland.

David Maybury blogs about Dublin and Writing, mostly about writing.

Exultations and Difficulties has some great poetry reviews. Warning - this site can keep you busy for hours.

Flirty Something is always worth a trip. Life as it is lived.

Guardian Poem of the week chosen by Carol Rumens. Her commentaries are insightful.

L Plate Author blogs about struggles with her novels.

Leigh Forbes blogs wittily about The Art of Subtle Procrastination (aka research)

Lily Sheehan blogs about her writing too.

Minimalist Poet writes about his minimalist lifestyle.

Patrick Chapman, the poet blogs here.

Patrick Daniel Toland posts occasional poetry

PJ Nolan is another online Irish writers/blogger.

Poem of the week does exactly what it says on the tin, with a US bias.

Sarah Dunnakey is looking for the Write Words.

So you want to be a writer is written by a creative writing academic.

Sunrise Sunset is a blog from Donegal (mostly) about novel and play writing.

Vanessa Gebbie, the editor of Cadenza blogs about the writing scene.

The Western Writers Centre has entries not just about the centre, but arts in general.

Women Rule Writer is a short story and poetry fan and creator.


PJ Nolan said...

Hi EW, thanks for the mention/link - I'd better get posting again. Did your Poetry Now workshop go well? Were you with McKendrick?

Women Rule Writer said...

What a great list (not because I'm on it, but for the links to the others.) Thanks!