Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Orange Shortlist

Here's some more books worth looking for, the Orange prize shortlist for women writers.

Among the first-timers on the list is Sadie Jones, with The Outcast, a portrait of small-town hypocrisy described by The Times as "elegantly written".

Another first-timer is Heather O'Neill, for Lullabies for Little Criminals, and Patricia Wood, for Lottery.

Nancy Huston was selected with Fault Lines, her eleventh novel, and Charlotte Mendelson for her third novel, When We Were Bad, a story about Liberal Jews in England.

Rose Tremain was selected for her tenth novel, The Road Home, a story about Lev, a modern-day economic migrant from Poland.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall in London on June 4.

Missing were Anne Enright and A. L. Kennedy, whose book 'Day,' I would love to readl it won the Costa. Also missing Deborah Moggach and Linda Grant who were on the Orange longlist last month.


Ev said...

Was dying to meet you today, a big fan of your blog but got too busy yakking elsewhere, you're too modest you should blow your own trunpet, forget Orange you were on the Hennessey List!!

Ev said...

Was at the Hennessey today and meant to get talking to you but but was too busy yacking elsewhere. Love your blog, I don't have to do any net work you provide all the info I need !! Keep it up

OSLO said...

I've just finished Charlotte Mendelson's 'When We Were Bad' and can't recommend it highly enough. Hope it wins the Orange Prize (although having not read all the other shortlisters, that's probably unfair of me to say)
Well don on the Hennessy List!

Emerging Writer said...

Rose Tremain won with her book The Road Home