Sunday, 13 April 2008

Salman Rushdie Reading

As a kind of trailer for the Dublin Writers Festival (which I always think should be renamed the Dublin Readers Festival as there is nothing for writers in the audience)
anyway, as I was saying, they have Salman Rushdie reading at the Gate. Tickets 18 Euro (quite dear I think)

April 20th. That's next Sunday at 8pm

What better way to anticipate this year's Dublin Writers Festival than a special 'in conversation' with the 'Booker of Booker's' winner Salman Rushdie on the eve of his new novel The Enchantress of Florence.

"Rushdie is still our most exhilaratingly inventive prose stylist, a writer of breathtaking originality." - Financial Times

For how many authors does the publication of a new work constitute a true 'literary event'? Marquez? Coetzee? Roth? Rushdie.? The list is short, the names iconic, the company exclusive.
Rushdie made his name in 1981 with the Booker-winning postcolonial epic Midnight's Children. Its vast historical sweep and provocative mix of myth, politics and magic marked what Malcolm Bradbury called "a new start for the late 20th-century novel". Rushdie is the author of eight further novels including the Whitbread-winning The Moor's Last Sigh. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres, and a board member of American PEN.
His latest novel - The Enchantress of Florence - is vintage Rushdie; a sprawling 16th-century saga of Mughal princesses and Ottoman sultans that traces the connections and disruptions between East and West, nationhood and identity.
An eagerly anticipated new novel. A rare Dublin visit. A must see literary event.


Ev said...

See your picture on page five of the Sunday Tribune Review today.

Emerging Writer said...

Yes, it's true. I'm up for the hennessy emerging fiction. The photo is slightly more recent than the one on this page! Thanks for dropping by.

Cousin said...

when is that reading in the gate? I'm also rushing out to buy the paper.

Emerging Writer said...

Whoops! April 20th, next Sunday. I'll amend the post.