Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Radio Books

Yes, I've been awfully quiet because I'm away at the moment on a writing retreat. Are you missing me? Here's a little snippet to keep you going in my absense and a lovely picture that has nothing to do with the snippet and everything to do with retreat.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide is looking for short stories to broadcast. Have you ever heard any of their output? I used to catch some from time to time on Anna Livia FM. They are inviting submissions until 30th March 2008 for stories in English either 15 minutes (About 3,000 words) or 25 minutes (about 4,500 words)

Send your short story or stories by e-mail or by snail mail to:

Chris Chambers
Radio Books Competition
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
PO Box 222,
1200 JG Hilversum
The Netherlands

Things to remember when writing for radio.
The listener cannot go back to check information so your story has to flow.
Avoid long sentences. They’ll get lost.
Start with a good hook or they’ll switch off.
And most importantly, read it out loud yourself first to hear the rhythm. Some words you’ll change because you stumble over them. Some sentences run on or sound clunky. If you can, record yourself reading. I do it on my mobile phone – very handy. And playback, listening with your critical ear, with ice in your veins.


KAREN said...

What a lovely picture. Hope you're enjoying the retreat :o)

Yvonne said...

Hope you're enjoying your writing retreat!

EM Kennedy said...

Hi, I've been fascinated by your blog page for some time and see that you had a pstory published in the Tribune last October. Which one was it? I read all twelve as mine was May 'The Lump' and I ran out every first Sunday to get the Sunday Tribune and read 'the opposition' Evelyn Walsh

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Evelyn,

Glad you dropped by. I probably read all 12 too but have a terrible memory. Don't remember anythings lumpy though...! If I'd known I would be included, I would have saved each story to compare! I'll see you in April anyway.