Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Strokestown shortlist

Well, I didn't make the shortlist again for this. My time will come. Mark my words. I went back to see which poems I sent and was disappointed in myself. Oh Woe. There's a poem in there.

Note that a couple of shortlisters are rhymers. About time we had more exposure of poems in form.

Judges: Peter Fallon, George Szirtes and Vona Groarke

Results: to be announced in Strokestown on 4 May

Tony Barnstone, Peggy Gallagher, David Grubb, Ian McEwen, Iggy McGovern (Hi Iggy), Hugh O'Donnell, Orlagh O’Farrell, William Palmer, Jane Routh, K.V. Skene

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Emerging Writer said...

The winners were announced on 4th May
Tony Barnstone
Orlagh O'Farrell
Ian McEwen
Congratulations to all