Sunday, 2 March 2008


Yes, it's official. I haven't won nor been shortlisted for the Feile Filiochta poetry competition. Again. I have heard of someone who got placed and she heard a week ago. Me? Nada.

However, on the good news side, I am shortlisted for a prestigious short story award. More on this anon.

If you are wondering why a story you sent somewhere was rejected, can I recommend you review this list of reasons stories submitted to the Willesden Herald didn't make the grade here, posted Thursday, February 21, 2008 - Common faults in short stories submitted

There may be a lot of things to keep in mind when writing your mini masterpiece, many balls to keep in the air but it's like learning to drive. You think at the beginning you will never be able to change gear and brake and check the mirrors and steer and not hit anything and indicate all at the same time, but you can, with practise. Or rather most people can. My mum can't. Actually I know quite a few writers who can't. I know even more writers who can drive but have a lot of problems parking - spatial awareness or something.


Women Rule Writer said...

Congrats on the shortlisting! Trevor Award? Flosca!?
What ever it is, good on ya and the best of luck!

Emerging Writer said...


Neither. I didn't enter either so I don't feel too bad. Here's the link for Flosca for anyone interested.

Emerging Writer said...

Just realised why I didn't win Feile. I didn't enter! Don't feel so bad now.