Monday, 11 May 2009

Belfast Poetry Slam

BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a second series of Poetry Slam programmes in 2009. New Belfast Community Arts Initiative is hosting the All Ireland Regional Heat taking place on Thursday 18th June.

Radio 4 ran its first Poetry Slam in 2007, and this will be the second. There will be three broadcast programmes, comprising two semi-finals and a final anticipated to transmit in late September and early October 2009.

These will not be for broadcast, but out of them two winners from each heat will go forward to the broadcast semi-finals, making a total of nine participants in each semi-final. Three winners from each semi-final will go forward to the final. These qualifying rounds will be run in accordance with the same slam rules which will govern the broadcast semi-finals and final, so that all performers around the country will be taking part under the same conditions. Rules for performance and judging in the Radio 4 slam follow as closely as possible the generally accepted slam conventions, with a few specific points included in order to create a competition suitable for broadcast.

The full rules and criteria are available here.

If you have won a slam in the past three years and feel that you meet all other criteria as laid out in the rules above then please complete an application form available here on their website and return it by Monday 1st June.

Update extended to 11th June and opened to all slammers, not just previous winners. Guess they didn't get so many takers.

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