Sunday, 31 May 2009

Juno Books

Thanks to the lovely Vanessa from Inkwell writers for this one.

Juno Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster publish fantasy novels with a strong female protagonist set in contemporary or very near contemporary future worlds.

Editor Paula Guran accepts unagented submissions but stresses the importance of following Juno's guidelines .

They want urban fantasy typically crossed with mystery, action/adventure and horror featuring a woman with supernatural power or some paranormal connection. Romance/relationship is usually an element in this mix as is humour.

(Bit of a mixture there. What genre is not included? crime?)

They are looking for originality. Email first 3 chapters, synopsis in an attachment (.doc or rtf) in the body of the email include a short cover letter about yourself which should aim to make Juno want to open the attachment. email:

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Susan said...

A friend of mine was published with Juno a few years ago, no agent, and she loved them as a publisher. She'd spent some time submitting elsewhere with personalised rejections saying 'too dark' or 'too different' etc.

I like the idea of a publisher who specialises so tightly--now if I could only find the one with a specialty I could fit into! LOL