Wednesday, 2 December 2009

IWC Open Day

The IWC keeps on thinking outside the box. Good ideas here.

They have an open day:

When: 5th December
Why: to discover what we have planned for 2010. Staff will be on hand to answer your questions. There will be readings throughout the day and live music.

12.00pm Tiger Tales: Literary Coffee Morning

Bring along your favourite stories and poems to our literary coffee morning. The theme is Tiger Tales – whether you interpret it as animals, economy, speed, or violence is up to you! Bring along a piece you think fits the theme and partake in our informal readings and refreshments.

1.00pm Readings by guest poets Eileen Casey and Kieran Fury

The Irish Writers' Centre is delighted to welcome guest poets, Eileen Casey and Kieran Fury, to our Open Day. All are welcome to attend this free reading.

3-4pm The Rag and Bone Shop, Creative Writing Hour

An informal writing session hosted by the Irish Writers' Centres interns over tea and coffee. The hour will include writing exercises and prompts to get ideas flowing. It is open to everyone and is suitable for all levels of experience.

4.00pm Opening Address and information

Opening address by the IWC chairman, Jack Harte. Jack will introduce the focus of the Writers' Centre, its history and direction for the future.

One of our experienced creative writing tutors will also be on hand to lend their insight as to why a course in writing could kick start a new world of creativity. New course information and timetables will be available throughout the day.

4.45pm Presentation on Alice Milligan
Catherine Morris, the Irish Writers' Centre's Writer in Residence, will give a presentation on Alice Milligan. Alice Milligan was a poet and playwright who was a well-known figure in the literary revival movement of the early 20th Century and very respected among her peers.Catherine is currently writing a biography of the life and work of Alice Milligan, due to be published next year.

5.00pm Open Mike
We are opening the podium in our reading room to anyone who wishes to partake. We encourage you all to bring your musical instruments and your best poems and stories.

7.00pm Table Quiz
A literary themed table quiz. Entry is €16 per table. Up to 4 people may enter as a team, with the chance to win some amazing literary prizes.

Prizes include a signed Seamus Heaney and John Banville book, tickets to take part in the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl and much more.

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