Friday, 18 December 2009

Leafbooks competition

Writing About Writing Competition

Leaf Books invites you to send us up to 750 words on the theme of writing. Creative writing (a story or poem) or an essay/academic/journalistic piece, or even a stream-of-consciousness writers-block-induced panic, provided it’s on the subject of writing.

Enter online or by post.

Fee: £3.50 per submission, 4 submissions for £10

Prize: One winner will receive £100 and publication in the pilot edition of the Leaf Books Magazine. Further selected entries may also be published in the magazine: successful entrants will receive a free copy.

Not much of a return on investment I feel.

Deadline: January 31 2010

More details and other themes on their website


Vanessa Gebbie said...

I worry about these Leaf 'competitions'. There are so many now- the finalist lists are vast... . And the finalists have to pay twice, if they want a copy of their own publication, they have to buy it.

Id love to know the stats. How many of the resulting books are sold to readers unassociated with the writers.



Emerging Writer said...

It does say successful entrants will receive a free copy so they have to be selling them to others too.

Niamh Griffin said...

Hmm, not much return but I could write about writer's block forever!! So much easier than actually writing something productive:)

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Apols, if thats the case. They had stopped giving them to the successful finalists a while back.

. said...

was doing some research about new competitions to add to my listings at and tend to agree that this one doesn't seem to have a good return on investment. would love if you listed my site on your blogroll. i've spent a few hundred hours organizing it (originally kept it private and for my own use) and it seems to have been of some use to a few people.

Emerging Writer said...

Hi fictioncontents. I have a browse of your website. It's very US biased. For the global web, can I suggest you mark competitions that are available to US residents only so we 'foreigners' can know not to bother.