Saturday, 5 December 2009

Today's surfing suggestions

5 Rules for Better Blogging (or whatever) from mashable, like don't write really, really long, rambling paragraphs. You know who you are...

Getting Unpublished by Matthew Hill - a salutary tale.

Related - publisher reneging on paying a charity, Caroline Smailes.

Neil Gaiman's crusade to make writers make a will. Have you?

Mashable 100+ best literary twitters to follow.

You have see this Awkward Family Photos and take inspiration for creating the stories behind them.

Imagine writing a book which people love so much, they tattoo quotes or images from it. Twilight Tattoos.

Uproar about US publisher Harlequin starting up a self-publishing arm, morally questionable? From Janet Reid.

Gotta Shock the Broca marketing skills from Jimmy Roubart via Rachelle Gardner.

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Niamh Griffin said...

Twilight tattoos? Just had a look at them and am kind-of in shock. What is it about these books? I have to admit I've read all of them and seen the films - I reckon I'm re-living my adolescence or something!