Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Iota Shots Poetry Pamphlet Prizes

A new prize for shorter poetry pamphlets has been launched by Templar Poetry and Iota Poetry magazine, the Iota Shots Pamphlet prizes.

Deadline: 14 Nov 2010

The three prizes offer the opportunity to submit shorter poetry submissions: between twelve and sixteen pages of poetry with no more
than forty lines of text per page, excluding the title of the poem and stanza breaks.

An Iota Shot will be whatever you make it as a poet. It might be a series of sonnets, haiku, a sequence, a single narrative poem, a mini-epic or a short collection on a theme; it is an opportunity to produce an innovative short piece of work.

The three new pamphlets, judged by Templar Poetry Editor Alex McMillen, will be published in the high quality format of Templar pamphlets and the winning authors will receive a generous 100 copies to sell and to promote their work along with a cash prize. All who submit will receive a complimentary Templar Pamphlet.

The three winning writers will be notified early in January 2011 and Iota Shots will be published in May 2011.

Postal Submission Fee: £14.50
Online Submission Fee: £15.50

The details of how to submit are available on the Iota website


Titus said...

Cheers EW. I am seriously tempted by this, but that is a major entry fee!

Peter Goulding said...

Hmm, with fees as high as that, you would want to be very very good to feel you weren't wasting your money.

Totalfeckineejit said...

If their primary aim is to find a new voice that could be done for free, or a nominal fee.If the primary aim is to raise money, for what do they need it?
Just curious.

Emerging Writer said...

I'd guess they want the competition to be self financing. It is a steep fee