Monday, 25 October 2010

Office Haiku for the Poetry Bus

Some of these Office Haiku were published in the Night and Day Anthology (New Island 2008) available here.

Here are no seasons –
we wear the same clothes year round,
watch weather through glass

Connor wants Mark’s job,
Mark’s more than a match for Niamh
Niamh’s soft on Connor

Health and Safety bleat -
walk don’t run, hold the hand rail
don’t fall and sue us

Maria comes in -
we stop googling cheap breaks
change screens to spreadsheets

Warm, stuffy meeting
broken air conditioning
blasts chill as a fridge

Cathal winks at me
chats up the girls in QA
we’ll do all he asks

There’s no clock in here
shadows crawl by my notepad
motes in sunlight shaft

Sunshine at lunchtime
we slip from shadowed buildings
winter pale faces

What a wasted day -
the afternoon spent fixing
the broken morning

Evening’s clock hand crawls
minute to dawdled minute
time treacles to five

The sun shines all day -
clouds roll in from Dublin Hills
by five it’s raining

Luke waits in the rain
dreaming of his driving test
until the bus comes

More bloddy links to bloody meetings here.


Argent said...

This is my life!!

What a wasted day -
the afternoon spent fixing
the broken morning

Brill - love these!

NanU said...

Nice ones. My favorite is the broken morning. Too, too many of those!

Peter Goulding said...

God, I hate Maria. She comes in our place of work too...

Anonymous said...

These are great. You're really working the form well here. What a refreshing change from the phony-inscrutable that so often dominates.

Titus said...

Arrgh! Brilliant!