Thursday, 2 December 2010

Links of Interest

At least to me:

Anagram map of the London tube. Let's see, start at Pitosleer Revolt, change at Crux for Disco, alight at Chronic Grass

Do you know what an Epithalamium is? (Clue, it is a type of poem)

How to Perform Poetry - enthusiasm and arms.

How to perform in a poetry slam - repetition, rhyme and rhythm.

11 Tips for Spoken Word Beginners - Love your audience

Fascinating and open interview with a hero of mine, Alan Bennett

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Titus said...

Went straight to the outer limits of the District Line (near home) - Emu Sprint great for Upminster, but Thames Agenda for Dagenham absolute genius! Ta, I may have to turn this illegally into Christmas cards.