Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gardeners' World Poetry Competition

The subject of gardens has inspired writers for centuries. William Shakespeare, John Keats and Robert Burns are just some of the poets who have felt moved to write by the beauty of nature.

We're now inviting you to put pen to paper, and to send us your own garden-themed verse.

The Gardeners' World Magazine Poetry Competition is open until 28 February 2011 and the lucky winner will receive tickets to Gardeners' World Live 2011, where their poem will be read out by Alan Titchmarsh. The winner will also receive £250 of National Garden Gift Vouchers.

There is also a second prize of £150 and a third prize of £100 in National Garden Vouchers, and six runners-up will each receive £50 in National Garden Vouchers and a signed copy of Tales from the Woods by Felix Dennis.

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The judges

Your poems will be judged by an expert panel, including Roger McGough, an award-winning poet and presenter of the Radio 4 programme Poetry Please, the poet Matt Harvey and Sarah Langan, who is a poetry and readings producer for Radio 4.


Totalfeckineejit said...

McGough? Ok.

I like radiant flowers
that hang in the bowers
nobody glowers when
they see ..them.

Our garden has a mousey
I think it may be scousey
but unless it comes into the housey
I'll bless it..Amen.

Emerging Writer said...

aren't you a fan? http://emergingwriter.blogspot.com/2010/05/poets-you-should-check-out-roger.html

Totalfeckineejit said...

A fan?
I vaguely remember a pome wot I wrote containing the lines
'off, off, with the head
of Roger McGough'

Titus said...

Alan Titchmarsh?! Alan Titchmarsh!!! Garden Vouchers?! Why isn't this better publicised?!

Emerging Writer said...

Poetry Please may also select some of the submitted poems for broadcast

which is v. cool. Plus it's free to enter. What's to lose?

Peter Goulding said...

The tulips dance in sweet rapport,
Swaying softly in the breeze.
A miracle of nature, for
I thought I'd sown a row of peas.

That might appeal to McGough if anyone wants to use it.

Or maybe not.

Titus said...

I think you mistook me. I was genuinely excited.
Doesn't actually help me write a garden-based poem, however. I love gardens and gardening, but am having trouble even conceiving of myself writing a poem about it.

I am, however, with TFE on Mr McGough. Something about his voice is my personal nails-on-chalk.

Emerging Writer said...

Sweet peas baby! I'm doing gardens next time I drive th Petry Bus. And homages to Roger McGough. I like him. I like gardens too. The weeding is therapeutic