Monday, 31 January 2011

Very Belated Review of the Year 2010

(Only a month late)

A few poems, two short stories, one article and one non-fiction piece published or broadcast. A good few readings (some even paid), 2 grants (to pay for the non-paid stuff and residencies) and loads of rejections.

Productive week in Annaghmakerrig in a cottage. Loads of poems started, short story struggle and more of the novel.
Read at Glor, International Bar

Taught a workshop at the Hugh Lane Gallery.
Reading at the Locke Bar, Limerick.
Reading with Poetry Divas at Glor, International Bar and CFCP

Travel piece in The Irish Times
Reading in O'Bheal, Cork.
Reading at Ignite, Science Gallery
Reading in Galway Over The Edge
Poem published in Revival
Great Poetry Now festival

Started working full time
Shortlisted to Hennessy New Irish Writers Short Story
Reading in Trim, Co Meath

Read with Poetry Divas at Festival of the Fires, Bealtain at Hill os Uisneach
Taught a workshop at the Hugh Lane Gallery.
Read at Glor, International Bar
Read at Caca Milis, Wexford
Short story recorded as part of Kildare Writers

Great time volunteering at Dublin Writers' Festival
Read with Poetry Divas at Body and Soul Solstice Festival

Read at The Whitehouse, Limerick

Read with Poetry Divas at Carlow Indie-go festival before it folded
Poem read out on Spin 103.8

Delicious appearances of the Poetry Diva Collective at Electric Picnic, literary stage and in the Cabaret tent
Poem published in The Moth Magazine
Read at the Winding Stair for The Moth Magazine launch
Read at the Spoken Word, Paris
Read as part of Culture Night
Poetry Workshop in Kilkenny with Dave Lordan

Read in Dundalk for National Poetry Day
Poem published in Magma
Poem published in Crannog
Read in Galway, for Crannog launch

Poem in the Poetry Bus Magazine
Read at Glor, International Bar

Poem published in New Leaf

Popshot, Stingy Fly (yet again), Strokestown (yet again) Mslexia short story and poems (again) Southword (again) Kildare County Council, Poetry Ireland Review, Listowel Poetry Collection, Dromineer, Poetry Can (UK,) Patrick Kavanagh (again) Picador Poetry Prize, Gallery Press, Francis MacManus, Dope Magazine, Cuirt, inkspotters, Contrary, Cinnamon, Listowel

What I said last year in particular was Pimp for more readings which I did quite well.

Do get in touch if you have a slot at a regular event or festival. Particularly if you want The Poetry Diva Collective. We are fabulous.

This year. Um. Finish the Novel and get a Poetry Collection published. Stretch??


Niamh B said...

a very productive one by the looks of it!

Neezes said...

Sounds like a successful year with good progress - hope 2011 is even better :)

Great idea to review the year - I plan my year like this, but never get round to checking whether I did what I planned...

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks. I'm full of good intentions and ideas; it's getting round to doing things that I find hard.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Clearly the highlight was getting in The Poetry Bus mag, but this year has got off to a flyer with the plough.
I can't crack Popshot or The Stinging Fly (except for photos)either.

Mari G said...

Action packed year, Kate...and 2011 starts well with your marvellous win in the Plough...congrats, fab poem.

Mari G said...

Action packed year, Kate...and 2011 starts well with your marvellous win in the Plough...congrats, fab poem.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Well now you've gone and done it. Motivated me. Thanks so very much. Unlikely I'll be sleeping much tonight, instead I'll just be lying there comparing how little I've written with how much this total stranger has written. Thast what I get for reading other people's blogs. Should've stayed with the farm chores

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Yeah, so I was thinking I had a productive year until I read your post. ! Thanks a lot stranger in another land.

Titus said...

Huzzah for last year, and stretch? Nah, you can do it!

Clive said...

2010 seemed a great year for you ... and we're sure 2011 will be even better!

Always great to sit back and review the year and take stock!

Clive & Co

Ellen Brickley said...

Well done. If I wrote poetry I would be all over the collective :)

Hope 2011 brings good things.

degna said...

Sounds like a busy and productive year. And adding the rejections is inspired... puts them into perspective when placed next to the achievements. The main thing is to get the work out there... that's my mission for this year.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks. Onwards and upwards. I think it's a good motivational thing to count your blessings but never forget the rejections too. I feel heartened when I read of other writers' tribulations so thought I should share too.

Ellen - It's not too late to start writing Diva poetry now!